Now, I know that many of you are old veterans of Taipei city. However, there is still much to explore. To learn more about the history of Taipei City and its culture, I headed to a place not far from here.
It’s about 10 minute walk away. Any guesses?
Well, you’re right! Or maybe not. I don’t know… Anyhow, I set off for Taipei City Hall, the Discovery Center there, to be exact.
We started out on the second floor, a special exhibition. It was about a major cultural sport, baseball. In it, well, you have to see for yourself. It showcases a famous artist who has amazing cartoons. There is also a video-game style activity on this floor. It features a projector as well as a sensor. You can pretend you’re really out in a game. You swing with your bat, and can see how far it goes! However, this may change soon, so you might want to check it out fast! This floor also includes many cool drawings and antique uniforms and balls.I definitely recommend it if you are a baseball fan.
On the third floor is the City Discovery Center. It features many classic songs, nature, and many different locations and foods to try out. My favorite part was an interactive hot-air balloon. Of course, it is not real, but by waving your hand, you can fly all over Taipei. It will show you historical sites and nice places to check out if you have a free weekend.
And it’s time for the grand finale!
Enter the fourth floor. It is honestly the most astounding floor. It is a history of Taipei, complete with the ancient walled city built in a platform with see-through glass above it. You can track where the 228 Memorial Park is, and even where you are right now!
But there’s something else on the floor that deserves it’s very own paragraph. That is the Discovery Theater. That’s right, this place has a theater. And a high-tech one at that. I went in for the first show, which was simply a lot of baseball highlights, which fits the special exhibit. That was pretty cool, but not a show that demonstrates the pinnacle of “coolness” this theater has to offer. The next show was the history of Taipei, as well as a little bit of how Taiwan came to be. The coolest part was that the chairs you sat on rotated. You would turn around while watching the movie, which gave an amazing viewing experience.
If you have time, you should definitely check the place out. It only takes an hour or so, and it teaches you a lot about your very own city.