Dear parents and students,

October was a wonderful month for Level 2A! All students really understand our classroom rules and procedures now. This allows us to cover more academic material during class and everything runs smoothly. More importantly, it helps students focus more on education because they understand the expectations. They are also beginning to show individual leadership growth as they collaborate in class.

Our first theme of the month was Transportation. Students worked to discuss modes of transportation that they already knew, like cars and buses, while learning about new methods like helicopters and submarines. We then moved into our Community theme. Students discussed what can be found in a community and some jobs you can find people doing that help the rest of the community. We had a great time during Weather week! The weather is something we discuss every day at the start of class, so they were able to apply the knowledge they already had and add to it. Our final theme of the month was Fall and Halloween. We learned about what happens during this season to plants, animals, and weather. We also discussed Fall activities and learned all about Halloween! Students had lots of spooky fun!

The October role plays were fun and educational. Students practiced taking different modes of transportation and describing them using correct verbs. They also got to be doctors, police officers, and firefighters and explained how they help other people during Community week. We had a role play about how to dress for different types of weather and the different activities we can do when the weather changes.

In phonics, we have continued to work on solidifying our understanding of the alphabet. In their textbooks, students worked in Ii, Ll, and Aa. Students continued to practice copying theme vocabulary into their journals. We also began copying some theme related short sentences- some were even student generated!

Science was extremely hands on this month! Students practiced classifying land, air, and water transportation with toy vehicles. They demonstrated how they move and were asked to show and describe where. During Weather week, we made a cloud in a bottle! We then went over primary colors and color mixing during Fall and Halloween week as we discussed how leaves change color. Students got to do some color mixing of their own!

Tr. Jessica