Dear parents and students,

Students began a unit in their grammar textbook that revolves around nouns. We started off with what a noun is before moving on to distinguishing between different types of nouns. We continued working on silent letters and blends in phonics. Our spelling units dealt with short i and long i, tricky homophones, and a review unit.

We learned about community resources, different kinds of maps and how to use them, and started our unit on Native American tribes with the Navajo tribe’s history. Students learned about plant life cycles this month in science. We spent a few weeks learning about extinct and endangered animals in our science textbooks. Students also learned about how modern animals are connected to some animals of the past- even extinct animals!

It was great to see science overlap with our research topic for a few weeks! We continued to learn about some extinct animals like the dodo bird. We discussed why they went extinct. We were then able to focus on how humans continue to impact animal species around the world today. This is a theme that we will come back to often this semester. Students also began learning about fossils and how they have furthered our research on the extinct animals we are learning about in class.

In reading, students continued to work on character development and comparing and contrasting characters. We worked these concepts into their new journal prompt. Students were asked to develop a conflict between two characters that gets taken to a judge and jury. We worked on providing engaging, thorough, and entertaining character development during the first paragraph of our journals to introduce them and how to carry out further development through the rest of the story.

Tr. Jessica