Dear Parents and Students,

We had so much fun practicing the songs and preparing for Halloween this month! The kids have been learning so much in every subject as well. This has been an amazing educational experience for the students and me. We’ve discovered new worlds and possibilities that have led to more scholastic knowledge.

First we kicked off the month with some new spelling words. We learned the definitions for each word so that they can use it in a sentence and everyday speech. The next step was grammar: we learned about the telling part and action part in a sentence. They know exactly what a noun and verbs is and have been introduced to adjectives. We will continue to master grammar while incorporating new vocabulary.

In Social Studies, we’ve learned about urban areas, suburbs, and rural areas. We’ve also reviewed landforms and water on Earth. The students are more socially, geographically, and scientifically aware. This has to do with their strong interest in studying Science through experimentation. We did a feather experiment and animal chart to learn more about living things with many skills and important traits. Next month we’ll be more focused on communication so we’ll start off with Journal Presentations and Readers theatre. This way they’ll practice speaking in professional and entertaining settings.

As this month comes to a close, I look forward to what the next month will bring. Level 5 has worked very hard and I’m so proud of everyone. You have all improved tremendously and your effort is noticed. I will continue to do everything I can to provide the best learning experience possible in Alexander Academy’s Level 5 class.

Kind Regards,

Tr. Angeline