Dear Parents and Students,

I appreciate the opportunity to teach your kids and this month was even better than the last. The Level 7 class is learning about everything they need to know in the real world as speakers of more than one language. I am so proud of how far they have come.

This month we learned very high level vocabulary. Each student is able to use the spelling words in written and spoken sentences. We learned about the Civil Rights leader: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and will write “I Have a Dream” essays after the “How Pets Grow” Presentation. The students are eager to do community service, especially after reading a short story about a book drive. They love the idea of providing children with the materials they need to expand their knowledge.

There has also been plenty of improvement in their writing, creatively and academically. We have learned how to correct run-on sentences and how to write good solid sentences. We have also learned how to grab the reader or listeners attention in a story. This has made their journal entries more interesting and advanced. We have high level writers in this class! In their presentations on November 1st I’m sure they will incorporate everything they learned and do an excellent job communicating their ideas.

As they continue to research and experience life, each student is developing a stronger character and sense of self. It is amazing how they apply their social and daily life experiences in academic expression. I look forward to the students continued development in all things having to do with English; including Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Writing, and Research. As I teach them, they also teach me how to be a better person and teacher, I’m so grateful to here.

Best Regards,

Tr. Angeline