Dear Parents,

My name is Philip and I have recently taken over level three as their new teacher. Over this month we have been discussing many new themes, improving our writing structure and getting ready for Halloween. It has been a fun, lively, yet productive few weeks.

We start most classes with a conversation where we have discussed our Halloween plans, our favorite games and what we had been doing at the weekend. These natural discussions have involved every student and they have been great in building everyone’s confidence. These have lead into our weekly themes which have included the seasons, Halloween, weather and community.

In Science we have discussed why wind blows in different directions. We went into depth about describing its direction and how differences in air pressure effect it direction. This culminated in an experiment where the students could physically see air and water moving from a high pressure area to a low pressure area with water shooting out of a bottle into the air. This was exciting and helped cement the concepts.

For our focus on holidays and festivals, the students all made their own holiday. They worked in groups, all contributing and building on each other’s ideas. They also did a fantastic job in ensuring all their ideas linked together in a cohesive way. Our winner “Rabbit Day” is a day where we will eat carrot-based treats around a brown and white theme. This allowed the students to get creative while also letting them think deeper about the different parts that make up a celebration such as Halloween, Christmas or Chinese New Year.

Our role plays have also been very successful. We created our own weather forecasts for Taiwan. This helped them review the weather theme vocabulary along with some language used on TV. The students could then act as a TV reporter, camera operator or a field reporter who was acting like they were standing in the reported weather. We also practiced our trick or treating, showing our expected behaviors as well as the language used in the activity.

October has been a fantastic month getting to know all of the students. I am looking forward to November where I am confident we can achieve even more.


Teacher Philip