Dear Parents,

Another month has passed and things are moving smoothly for Level 7!

In Spelling,we have continued our work on vowel sounds within words, learning more specifically about vowel + /r/ sound words. Students have worked together to make their own definitions of the words and have participated in subsequent activities to reinforce their understanding of the words, both phonetically and in context.

In Grammar, we’ve taken a close look at all things noun-related. Students have learned about the different kinds of nouns – proper and improper, singular and plural, possessive and non-possessive – and have built their speaking and writing skills involving these types of nouns. Recently we started to branch into plural and possessive nouns, reinforcing the guidelines on how to use these nouns in a grammatically correct sentence.

In Science,we have been studying about different life cycles – for both plants and animals. Students are gaining a better understanding why plants contribute to a healthier and more stable environment. Through educational and entertaining role plays, they are also building a stronger grasp of how photosynthesis works. Now we are moving into genetics, specifically in regards to how parents and offspring share similar traits through DNA.

In Social Studies,students have been learning about exploration and the push for explorers to find a trade route from Europe to Asia to gain wealth. We talked about inventions like the compass, astrolabe, and caravel, which were created to limit risks that came with long-term excursions. We also spent time getting to know Native American culture, including religious practices, costumes, and general way of life. In the upcoming weeks, we will delve into the negative effects of colonization, and how Native Americans were impacted by the arrival of colonizers and conquistadors.

In Reading,we have been focusing on how a story can build a theme using characters, setting, and plot. Together we have read about a group of students who want to raise money to save a local traveling library and how they had to work together as a community to make positive change happen. In Writing, students are finishing up the final paragraphs of their writing projects. Since October is the month of Halloween, I encouraged students to incorporate some mystery and intrigue into their stories. Titled “Old Mansion,” the premise of this prompt involves a brave protagonist daring to go inside a spooky, old mansion and the bizarre events that unfold inside.

Overall the class has been progressing nicely, and we will continue to grow together as a class community in the coming months as well!


Teacher Arthur