Dear Parents,

October has been a busy month culminating in the festivities of Halloween. The students have already learned so much in the span of two months and I’m incredibly proud of them!

In Spelling, students have been working on vowel sounds and consonant clusters. These basic patterns are used in many different English words and mastering these spelling rules will only ensure success for the future. In Grammar class, we have been working on distinguishing sentences from questions. While the workbook has proved useful, we have also set aside time for independent practice. Students have been learning to construct their own questions using capital letters, end marks, and the appropriate question words.

In Social Studies, we have shifted our sights to geography, learning about the continents, oceans, and various geographical landscapes. We’ve talked about rivers, lakes, mountains, and plains, even discussing how we can protect our Earth from damage by building good habits like recycling and conserving energy. In coming weeks, we will look more closely at the geography of the United States and how it can vary drastically from state to state.

In Science, the students have considered the life cycles of plants and animals – and more recently in humans! Students are beginning to articulate the functions of humans throughout different stages of life. They are also learning about how their senses allow them to experience the world in a unique way, especially compared to other animals and insects.

In Reading, students have gotten their first bit of exposure to Author’s Purpose. While our first two stories were fictional animal adventures, the most recent – “Where Does Our Food Come From?” – traverses into nonfiction territory. This has led to fruitful discussions about way in which reading may serve different purposes. While some stories are designed to entertain, others are written to inform the reader.

In Writing, the students have finished their second major writing project. Titled “Animal Adventure,” this prompt gave students an outlet to explore their creative side by writing a story that involves solving a problem between two animals. Needless to say, it was an absolute pleasure to read their writing projects. Their writing ability shows great promise for the future and I’m excited to see what they produce next!


Teacher Arthur