It’s been a very challenging month for Level 9. All our subjects have become more difficult and the kids have had to take on more challenging analytical tasks. Our writing project has pushed their planning and foresight while forcing them to adapt to a new story form. Some have done really well and others have made significant improvements in their efforts. It’s good to see the class take the challenge in their stride!

In our Science class, we have looked deeply at the composition of life on earth. By studying cells from animals and plants we were able to understand the structure and similarities between life forms. We have also understood how disease and bacteria can enter our bodies. Many children were able to identify the physical and chemical defenses we have against harmful bacteria. We took some time to learn about the different kinds of reproduction from cells to plants to mammals: now there are five growing plants in our classroom that will develop over the course of the year. The passing of traits in sexual reproduction has been focused on and members of the class are now able to make predictions about what kind of plant parts will appear in offspring.

In Social Studies, the class has really stepped up to understand the tensions in colonial America. We have understood the impact of taxation and the potential pitfalls of colonial rule. Furthermore, the kids have been able to summarize and see through the lens of both sides to better understand how individual events can create huge political changes. The American Revolution has been a great reminder of the value we should place on our freedom and I’m impressed that the children have been able to empathize with the people of the past.

Our writing project has been the most challenging to date. I have asked the kids to write a science fiction story that describes a character discovering a dystopia. The kids have been tasked with predicting the effect of technology on future generations as well as trying to creatively inject clues into their writing to foreshadow their character’s discovery. It has been excellent to see the kids thinking deeply about the potential dangers of technology – an obsession with a cell phone can be detrimental to all of us, after all!

As the month draws to a close, I am excited about our Halloween celebrations. October has been a month of development. As we approach winter and its upcoming festivities, I am confident that L9 has taken great leaps forward in their thinking and application of the English language.

Happy Halloween!

Teacher Nick