Dear Parents,

We’ve had another great month here in the L6 classroom, culminating in last week’s Halloween festivities. I hope to bring you up to speed with what has been happening over the last month.

In spelling, students have been challenged in recent weeks with the topic of homophones. These are words that sound the same, but have different spellings. This meant that students had to listen very carefully to the definition to ensure they were spelling the correct word. For example, which of the following is the correct spelling of the word meaning a tube that returns blood to the heart? Vein, vane or vain? Since then, we have had a unit review, which was a good chance to look over many of the words we have learned in the previous six weeks. Spelling homework remains a great opportunity to see what words your child is learning and to ensure they are completing their sentences for homework.

In grammar, students have been looking at special plural nouns and thinking about how to correctly place these in a sentence. This is a key skill in learning to speak like a native-speaker. Incorrect plurals often sound very jarring and we have been working to correct these.

In social studies class, the focus has been on basic geography, and more recently on different Native American communities. These lessons have been very popular. Learning about different cultures and ways of life is a key part of any worthwhile education. The students have shown great maturity and thoughtfulness during these lessons. In science class, the students have been looking at the concept of life cycles in plants and animals. This concept is familiar from earlier years, though we are going into more detail. For example, considering how conifers differ from other plants in their life cycle was quite surprising to many students.

In reading and writing class, the students have completed their second writing project. This was a fictional piece in which time travel was the theme. Finally, in research class we have continued with our observation of rules and why we have them. We have also taken a look at the Cradle of Mankind. We have been concentrating on Ancient Egypt, Egyptian gods, kings and queens. It has been an eye-opening class.

Warm regards,

Teacher Brian