Another month has passed for 2A and I am extremely happy with the progress of each student. We have all gotten used to the class rules and procedures, and our small class has become much closer to one another with the students looking out for and helping each other as opposed to simply looking out for themselves. We covered a number of topics this month moving from different types of transportation, our community, the community helpers we see, different types of weather and finally fall/autumn and Halloween.

In Science this month we learned about primary colors and got the students to guess what happens if you mix primary colors. The students then had an opportunity to mix different colors in an effort to try and make new colors. The students then classified different modes of transportation. We created a transportation worksheet. Students were asked to classify the different types of transport such as air, water and land transportation.

In phonics we added L and A to T, O, P and I from last month. We also progressed from simple one letter sounds and began blending and splitting three letter words comprised of these letters, as well as articulating and spelling words based on these sounds.

As always, the students and I had a lot of fun with our role plays, participating in a number of different types. The students took part in a MRT ride around Taipei during Transportation week. The following week the students forecasted the weather and the next day got ready for an incoming typhoon! Finally, last week, we got ready for Halloween with a trick-or –treating role play where the students got ready for the Friday’s Halloween activity.

It was another busy, activity-packed and rewarding month for the 2A class. Everything is progressing well with our small class becoming closer knit and all of the student’s eagerness ever increasing. Onto next month we go.

Thank You

Teacher Mary