October has provided time for the students of 4A to fine-tune both their writing skills as well as their reading skills. They have learned how to create a proper question, identify nouns and pronouns, and utilize the proper conjugation of the verb ‘is’. Through exposure the children have improved their spelling and begun to understand identifying the proper pronunciation of vowels in words. Another aspect that they have learned is words with double-L’s and S’s.

There has been a great emphasis on reading development throughout October. The students have read “Little Rabbit” and learned to reenact the action verbs throughout. They have also utilized reenacting the spelling words to increase retention. They learned to read and talk about different kinds of food in “Where does food come from?” Finally they have been learning about many more higher-level words in their research class as they’ve learned about the different zones in the world’s oceans.

The children have learned more about the earth in social studies. They have learned about the different land features throughout the world and have been exposed to different cultures. They applied their knowledge by attempting to build a landscape. They proved to be adept at learning about the different oceans and continents of the world. The students showed amusement and intrigue as they learned about other countries as they tried to imagine what it would be like to move to a different city. Finally, they learned about natural resources and the finite nature of them.

Through science the children have learned about the different elements of human and animal nature. The students began learning to group animals by their categories and learned about what differentiates between amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, and mammals. They then attempted to group them in a different manner while touching on the similar elements between different examples. The children studied the different senses and the body parts that are directly in charge of these senses. By playing a game, the students were able to take part in a festive game wherein they rolled dice to assign numbers of body parts on a monster and then draw the ensuing creation. The growth of knowledge in the students is becoming more apparent on a daily basis.

Through increased exposure as well as a healthy interest in the world around them the children are endearingly showing a desire for an expansion in their worldview.

Thank you,

Teacher Andrew