Dear parents,

The end of October marks our second month completed. Level 5 has been working hard on improving their learning abilities. The class has been doing great so far. We are all back on track concerning routines and are having a lot of fun learning experiences.

In Science this month we spent a lot of time learning how to categorize animals. Mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, and fish were often the topic of conversation as we learned how to tell them apart. We also did an activity where we sorted interesting animals into those categories.

Social Studies had us talking about different places around the world, including the world’s continents and oceans. We discussed various types of landforms and did a variety of activities to ensure everyone had plenty of examples to work with. Building upon landforms, we talked about regions and what you might find in them as well as different climates and weather patterns. We then completed a map of Taiwan where the students had to point out the different regions.

For Reading we completed our readings of Henry and Mudge Under The Yellow Moon. The lengthy story challenged students to learn some difficult names and learn about the bond between a dog and a boy. Writing class was about “Time Travelling”. Students enjoyed talking about the fun things they might do when travelling through time.

In Research class we talked about Egypt and the different Egyptian god’s and students showed off what they know and also learned some new things. The class tackled tough readings to test their skills at picking out key information and working slowly through difficult text. Everyone was introduced to short clips explain Ancient Egypt.

October has been a great month with many successes and improvements. I look forward to continuing to teach the class in November.

Thank You

Teacher Mary