Through vigilance the children have shown a greater proficiency in their phonic use. Students that have struggled in the past have been able to read passages in stories as well as pronounce words that they struggled with. Students began with a simpler reading of words with the ‘sh’ and ‘sw’ phonic grouping. They also improved their pronunciation of the ‘p’, ‘nd’, and ‘nk’ sounds. From there the students went on to utilizing the ‘th’, ‘st’, and long A phonics. These are more difficult sounds in the English language to learn and come up frequently in conversation so these are important elements to acquire.

The students learned able to learn about different aspects of science. They all enjoyed learning about Bernoulli’s Principle where they learned how the shape of a plane’s wing is responsible for flight. Additionally they liked the activity enough that they requested opportunities to practice it during the break period. They then learned about air pressure as a force and how it acts upon objects. They additionally were shown how air pressure acts as a greater force altering weather around the world. Finally they learned about what traditions are and how they relate to holidays around the world. They were able to apply these principles and try to create their own holidays.

The roleplaying section began with children taking a pretend driver’s test where they received and helped to create their own student driver card. They then enacted a roleplay of driving on the road and how they should act when encountering different traffic problems. In this activity they also utilized skills derived from previous lessons about emergency crews and what their jobs were. In another section the children attempted to act like a city council and were required to help build a community by figuring out what elements of a city help to meet the needs of the people. The students then learned about weather and acted out a weather report where they reenacted what it is like to be in different kinds of weather as well as natural disasters.

It is impressive to see the students grow mentally as well as physically and express their continued interest in steady growth as individuals.

Thank you,

Teacher Andrew