Dear Parents,

Another month has passed and I am happy to say that students are making great progress in their learning!

In Spelling, we tackled homophones, compound words, and words ending with the schwa + r sound. Students have been working hard to conceptualize new vocabulary, participating in various speaking and writing activities to achieve a level of mastery. Their spelling sentences continue to improve with each week. In Grammar, we looked at a variety of nouns, including nouns ending with –y, plural nouns, and singular and plural possessive nouns. In addition to doing exercises from the workbook, students are also encouraged to apply these skills to their writing projects.

In Science, we have been learning about the responses of living things. We‘ve learned about the many kinds of stimuli in the world, and how different living things react to these stimuli. We also learned about ecosystems, and the relationship between the living and nonliving things that sustain them. Students were able to analyze the living conditions of deserts, rainforests, prairies, and polar regions. Finally, we studied the difference between inherited and learned behaviors, first looking at animals and then broadening the scope to reflect on some of our own.

In Social Studies, students learned about Spanish and European expeditions to colonize the Americas. We talked about some of the benefits of the Columbian Exchange, such as the new foods, animals, and cultures that were introduced to different parts of the world. On the other hand, we also discussed the treatment of Native Americans during this period, and how many were forced to become slaves based on the terms of strangers invading their own homes.

In Reading, students have read a story about a giant who wants to fit in, practicing their skills in character analysis. We looked closely at the main character’s thoughts and feelings, as well as their actions and relationships with others to be able to more fully understand them.

In Writing, we used our newly refined skills in character analysis to kick off a writing project about a battle between two of the most powerful sorcerers on Earth, one who is a strong advocate for magic and another who is trying to eradicate it. Students had to think about the moral and ethical principles that drive these characters, as well as key character traits that would lead them to certain thoughts and actions.

Thanks for reading,

Teacher Arthur