Well, another month has passed in the 2A class, and the students have shown substantial growth. The topics covered this month were very detailed and quite scientific, and each of the students surpassed expectations with the information they retained and were able to repeat in the weeks following. We covered Plants, Flowers & Seeds, Animals and finished up the final week of the month with Bugs.

In Science, our Science projects were related from one week to the next, beginning with learning about vascular systems relating to plant’s roots. The students made predictions about how color dyed water would alter celery stalks, and we then cut them into the stalks to examine them after they had all changed color! The next week, the students got to plant their own green bean seeds, and had the pleasure of watching them grow.

In Reading class we continued to read books which were directly related to our weekly themes, with the students beginning to recognize characters they have previously seen. A class favorite that we read was during Animal week. “Wild and Free” was written from the perspective of numerous children from around the world who wished to someday meet their favorite animal. Students were also given some information about endangered animals and the reason they are endangered.

In Phonics we continued blending and splitting three letter words comprised of the letters we have learned thus far, as well as articulating and spelling words based on these sounds. We moved onto the second book of the five we will do this year and added a few extra consonants to our previously learned sounds and letters. Each of the students is progressing extremely well with phonics. I couldn’t be happier with how each of them is doing.

It was an action packed month for Role Plays as always, with a great variety of Weekly and Theme Role Plays. For our Weekly Role Plays, the students were given their own library card and visited the library. We visited the Movie Theatre and had students buy, sale and act out a movie scene. We practiced for the Christmas Fair by visiting a Carnival.

As November comes to a close, students can be rest assured that their classroom learning will continue with even more engagement and exciting lessons.


Teacher Mary