Dear Parents,

We have had a good first month in November at Alexander Academy. I have enjoyed getting to know the students. I have been very impressed with their work ethic and their speaking and writing English ability.

In science we have been looking at variety in different species, for example looking at dogs and seeing how much variety there is in one species. We also looked at peas and the variety that there can be in a plant species. Once we collected the data we looked at ways we could present it using graphs. We are now moving on to look at how this variety has helped these individuals live in their environment.

In social studies we have been looking at Native American tribes and how they worked together to make a stronger community. This is something the students can apply to the modern day, looking at how countries can often work together to make each other stronger. We have then moved on to look at the first Europeans who moved to America and how they set up the first colonies. We then looked at the start of the American nation and compared it to the start of Taiwan.

We have started a new writing topic this month. The students chose the topic, “A Haunted House”, which is something they have shown great interest in writing about. I have been very impressed by the level of imagination and creativity some of the students have brought to their story. I hope to build on this progress in future writing projects.

I have enjoyed the last month and look forward the teaching this class in the future.

Warm regards,

Teacher Kelsey