Hello parents!

As November comes to a close I’d like to take some time to review everything the students have learned this month. It has been an often challenging handful of weeks for the students but, as always, they persevered.

In Science this month we focused on environments such as streams and woodlands. We learned all about different environments and habitats and how animals adapt to live in them. Students enjoyed creating a model of a habitat.

Social Studies had students learning all about different cultures and how they’re shared. As we explored different landmarks, foods, legends, and flags, students were able to put their creative sides to good use. We created various symbols.

For Reading we read Diary of a Spider and Henry and Mudge Under The Yellow Moon. The two stories had students learning about cause and effect and questioning the author’s motivations behind writing. Writing class tasked students with coming up with a story about adopting or buying an unusual pet.

In Research class we started to talk about the upcoming Christmas event.

Students made posters illustrating the topic of America’s symbols, the final result of which will be displayed at the Christmas event.

As November comes to a close, students can be rest assured that their classroom learning will continue with even more engagement and exciting lessons.


Teacher Mary