Dear Parents,

It has been another productive month for the Level 7 class. Their understanding of the core subjects – Speaking, Reading, and Writing – is continuously improving and efforts towards other disciplines such as Science, Social Studies, and Research have also proved to be fruitful.

In Spelling, we moved on from compounds to two-syllable words that follow a variety of vowel-consonant patterns such as VC/V, V/CV, and VC/CV. Students were able to practice saying these words out loud and identifying the split between syllables. Meanwhile, their vocabulary continues to expand from weekly spelling lists and the class overall has demonstrated a higher competency in sentence generation. In Grammar, we started to tackle helping verbs and subject-verb agreement. Since these have been common issues among students’ writing projects, these lessons will no doubt prove to be useful in future assignments.

In Science, we have been learning about various ecosytems and how plants and animals become dependent on each other to survive. In addition, we also talked about adaptation, discussing defense mechanisms such as camouflage, mimicry, and warning coloration. In one activity, students had 30 seconds to pick as many M&Ms as they could from a plate that combined M&Ms with Skittles. The similarity between the two candies made it difficult for students to specifically pick out M&Ms, thus simulating the effect of camouflage.

In Social Studies, we have continued building upon our discussion of the colonization of America. Moving on from Portugese explorers, our focus has now shifted to Spanish Colonies in America. We looked closely at the colony of New Spain, analyzing the class structure that ranked classes of Spaniards and Native Americans in a hierarchy. We have also recently started to cover the English colonies in Virginia, where students learned about some of the first settlements in Roanoke Island and Jamestown.

In Reading, students read a story called “Coming Distractions,” which gave them an inside look into the industry of filmmaking. The text covered many different facets of filmmaking, including marketing, pre-production, CGI, and cinematography. This inspired a writing project called “Media Review.” Using newly acquired filmmaking vocabulary, students must articulate their opinions about a movie they have previously watched.

Thanks for reading,

Teacher Arthur