For Level 9, it certainly was the season to be jolly! We covered a variety of topics in class and really banded together to achieve a great result at the Christmas event. I was so proud to see the students put real thought and effort into their Secret Santa presents and elated at the exchange where the gift of giving was abundantly apparent. It’s been such a festive and merry month for the class, giving me much hope for the new year!

In Science, we kicked off December, with the study of food webs and chains understanding the different layers of producers and consumers. This culminated in a giant food web created by students. We took this further by studying different environments and how living things interact with abiotic factors to produce adaptations. By applying this knowledge, we were able to build a hospitable environment for our classroom pet, Antonio the beetle!

In Social Studies, we looked deeply at federalist and anti-federalist arguments in America before studying their model of governments. Students were able to understand the three arms of American politics and their roles all the while applying the concept of checks and balances. We understood the Bill of Rights and even applied it to our classroom systems creating a mature and fair environment which we hope to take forward into the new year.

Our writing project has been especially challenging. For the first time, I’ve given the kids free reign over the content of their writing and pushed them to create binary characters to explore the idea of conflict in storytelling. I have taught them complex dialogue and descriptive techniques. This month, we are tackling a piece based on holiday feuds amongst family and I’m excited to see how they react to the freedom I’ve provided.

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better December with Level 9. They have astounded me with their attitudes, drive and ambition to learn. They have been kind, respectful and equally thought-provoking. To this lovely class and their families at home, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ho, Ho, Ho !!

Warm regards,

Teacher Nick