Dear Parents,

December has brought out the wonder of Christmas and the season of caring.

The children were given many opportunities with role playing. The month began with the children role playing Christmas where they first created and coloured in decorations that they placed on the class tree. They then had to create and colour in their stocking that went on their desk, and finally were able to make and wrap a gift that they gave to a different student. The following role play involved children acting as dinosaurs whereupon they had to accrue food points as herbivores or eat other dinosaurs as carnivores. An extinction event happened and the children were able to see the rise of mammals. Their final role play had them acting as police workers as they tried to solve a mystery of missing objects by following clues to their source.

Through science the children began to further their understanding of what solutions are and how you can mix more of a chemical into a solution than you can at room temperature. The next week of science had children unearthing ‘dinosaur fossils’ whereupon they learned that they are fragile and can be broken if not handled properly. They were allowed to brush them off and then all of the pieces were assembled by the children into a complete dinosaur fossil where they learned that the known fossils are put together and sometimes are not accurate representations of a dinosaur. The final science class had the children observing fire and the different ways of extinguishing this as they learned about the requirements for keeping a flame going.

The children have spent part of the month practicing their writing skills twofold. One required the children to write a story from beginning to end. The other had the children writing a short formal letter and learning about the methods of accomplishing this goal. Both of these pieces have been very important for the children as they began the class with very few writing skills and now are getting closer towards achieving writing independence.

The 3A class has also continued with reading and they have read about characters having feasts, children lying about their lives, and a knight who did not like to hurt others. There has been a great emphasis in the reading on phonics and has progressed to further development of recognizing double-vowel combinations and silent consonants.

These challenges are being successfully surmounted on a daily basis and the children have shown interest and increased confidence in their language skills as a result.