Hello Parents!

As December comes to and end I would like to share some of the topics we covered this month. In grammar class we finished looking into the different parts of a sentence. We are now able to recognize different parts in any given sentence such as Naming and Action Parts in sentences. We added to that by also learning about different nouns, which will continue into January.

In Science Class we have been looking into the way energy flows through all living things. We learned about producers and consumers. We realized that the sun is the main source of energy for all living things. Students were asked to create their own food chains. We realized that many food chains are connected in an environment forming more intricate food webs. We realized that ecosystems are very fragile because all members in a food web rely on each other for survival and population control.

In Social Studies we looked into needs and wants. We differentiated between needs and wants by doing an exercise in which the students had to decide where to categorize different goods and services. Students were then asked to travel to a deserted island and buy various items for either leisure of survival. Students finally found out that all people still have basic needs that have to be fulfilled to survive comfortably.

In writing class we started a new writing project creating a story based on Christmas. The story focused on how the Grinch kidnapped Santa’s reindeer. Santa needed to call in some help in order to rescue Christmas.

Kind regards,

Teacher Mary