Dear Parents

It has been a very successful month in L5. They have all been working very hard and have made a lot of progress. We wrote Christmas invitations for our Christmas party that was hosted this month. This was a huge success, and lots of money was raised for charity. I want to thank L5 for helping teacher Andrew successfully run his Japan game.

This month in social studies we have been looking at jobs, producers and consumers. We have also been looking at how a household should run a budget and why it is important to save money. The students also thought about what job they would like to do when they get older.

In science we looked at different environments and how they change. We also built a diorama of woodland and a river environment. We then looked at the food change and how all living things get their energy from the sun. We make food chains to show how energy moved up the food chain from the sun.

In research class we have continued our topic on Space. We looked at the first mission to the moon and how it affected the United States. We also looked at the solar system and the galaxy. Then we compared our space theme by designing our own spaceships and thinking about how we would travel to outer space.

I hope we can keep up the good work and continue this next term.


Kelsey Reader