Dear Parents,

As Christmas approaches the students are approaching exam time and with it they are showing an increased aptitude in their understanding of the English language and the world around them.

Their science unit has been a strange combination of elements as they finished off the biomes portion by learning about life in deserts. As the children learned about different flora and fauna they also learned about the adaptations required to live in such harsh conditions. The science portion then transitioned towards the natural elements of the earth beginning with the study of rocks and minerals. They learned about what uses these elements have and how people use them to manufacture different things. The following unit involved the study of soil and the effects and causes of erosion on the environment around them. This is important element as we push the children to understand more of ecology and the world around them.

The social studies element also went through a similar transition period. The children began the month by doing a review of the unit from the previous month and reinforced the material. They then went on to learn about goods and services where they had set amounts of money that could be spent on different goods but they had a set amount of money to spend on the goods. They discovered that there are basic needs that someone needs to cover while the costs of goods can increase and as a result some goods are a luxury that you can’t always achieve. The following unit was buy, trade, and save where the children had to ‘work at a job’ to earn money and they then had to choose whether to save the money or to spend it on goods. They began December by learning about the natural world around them, and then moved on to learning about the human world that surrounds us all.

The writing period had the children writing an entirely new story by themselves. They have strengthened their writing abilities and increasingly are becoming capable writers who need very minimal supervision. They have impressed me in their improvement as they eagerly began to write stories once prompted. This is a drastic change from when we first had the children write stories. The main requirement now is having the children increase their use of adjectives and prepositions in their writing. Now that the basics seem to be covered we want to increase the depth of their writing. The other element introduced in the class was a formal letter that the children had to write. The letter was short but required the children to learn the basic setup of a properly written English letter.

This final month has shown an improvement in the abilities of the children and we expect to see a great improvement in their abilities over the course of the next month.