Dear Parents,

It has been another productive month for the Level 4 class. Their understanding of the core subjects – Speaking, Reading, and Writing – is continuously improving and efforts towards other disciplines such as Science, Social Studies, and Research have also proved to be fruitful.

In Spelling, we have moved on from two letter consonant blends to vowel patterns such as ea and ee. Given the ubiquity of such patterns, students will be able to apply their newly acquired phonics skills to Reading Class where they may feel more confident pronouncing new words. Meanwhile, their vocabulary continues to expand from weekly spelling lists and the class overall has demonstrated a higher competency in sentence generation. In Grammar, we have introduced the concept of special nouns – more commonly known as proper nouns. Students are learning how to determine which nouns in a given sentence need to be capitalized.

In Social Studies, we started a new unit called “World of Work,” where students have learned the vocabulary and concepts related to being a consumer. This includes understanding the difference between goods and services, needs and wants, and buying vs. trading. In one activity, students were given a collection of goods and services, which they needed to sort into appropriate categories. Later we revisited this activity to talk about how we could trade goods for services and what would constitute a ‘fair trade.’

In Science, students have looked at various habitats and the animals within them. In one lesson, we studied forests and students mapped the major rainforests around the world. We also learned about animals that are native to rainforests and what we can do to save trees in order to prevent these animals’ homes from being destroyed. Other habitats included wetlands, oceans, and deserts!

In Writing, students started a new Writing Project called “Fairy Tale.” The idea stems from a previous Reading class where our class was introduced to the popular fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk.” Using this story as a stepping stone, students were asked to articulate some of the more common elements of the fairy tale genre. They then had to create their own fairy tale characters and imagine a world in which these characters encountered the aforementioned elements.

Thanks for reading,

Teacher Arthur