This month has been a successful month for Level 6. In writing we finished our writing peace on a haunted house and everyone successfully completed their public speaking assignment of reading it to the class. We then worked on our Christmas letters to invite people to our Christmas party.

We have also started our new topic for this month. The students started chose their new topic, they chose a strange animal. We will continue to work on this project in the next month. In social studies we looked at the buildup of the United States and how the railroads changed the country.

In science we looked at adaptations and how different animals are suited to different things. We managed to include some experiments, including using different tools to see how different beaks work. We then looked at different environments and how they change over time. This included looking at forest fires and how they can damage large areas.

In research we have been continuing our theme of mysteries. This month we have looked at Amelia Earhart, the Marie Celeste and the Bermuda Triangle. This encourages the students to use their critical thinking skills and come up with coherent arguments. They also have to use these arguments and try to convince the rest of the class. I hope to continue this is the future and encourage debates between the students.

We also had our Christmas event this month, lots of L6 helped out creating a poster and then at the fair helping me run the game. It was very successful and lots of money was raised for charity.

I look forward to the new term and hope the students can continue with the same level of progress.


Teacher Kelsey