Dear Parents,

Well, another month has passed in the 2A class, and the students have shown substantial growth. We have covered numerous themes since the past newsletter starting with the very appropriate Winter and Christmas. We also covered Bugs, Dinosaurs, England and France. The students took very well to each of these, surprising me with the amount of knowledge they already had on some of these topics, while they also learned a lot when it came to topics they had never previously seen before.

In Science, the students made fossils which they really enjoyed. They’ve also sorted a variety of bugs and looked at their food and predators. For Christmas, the student got to tickle their senses and smelled coffee, honey, vinegar and cinnamon. They thoroughly enjoyed this and did not want the experiment to stop.

In Reading class, the students continued to look at books associated with the weekly theme. The week which stood out the most in terms of the student’s participation was the Dinosaur week.

In Phonics, I noticed a huge improvement with all the students and the fluidity at which they are now capable of blending and splitting three letter words. We progressed from simple one letter sounds and began blending and splitting three letter words comprised of these letters, as well as articulating and spelling words based on these sounds.

Role Plays as always, a huge source of excitement, showcasing and learning for the students. We got to act as paleontologists, excavators, butterflies, French artists and many others over the course of the past few weeks. An especially exciting week role play for the students I would say however was the most recent week when the students took part in digging for dinosaur fossils in coffee grounds.

As December comes to a close, students can be rest assured that their classroom learning will continue with even more engagement and exciting lessons.


Teacher Kelly