Dear Parents,

It has been another excellent month for the Level 4 class!

In Spelling, we have been focusing primarily on two letter consonant blends. Students have not only been adding more phonics skills to their repertoire, but also vocabulary words which they can use in their everyday writing. In Grammar, we have started to move away from identifying the elements of a sentence and question to grasping the concept of a noun. While most students already know that a noun may be a person, place, or thing, they are now practicing distinguishing nouns from a list of words.

In Social Studies, the students moved onto a Technology unit that looked at how communication, schools, and transportation have evolved over time. As an activity, the students participated in a sorting activity that asked them to organize inventions in chronological order. Afterwards, we had a discussion about the importance of these inventions and how they paved the way for today’s technological landscape.

In Science, we centered our attention on weather and climate. We talked about the different kinds of tools that can be used to measure weather such as a thermometer, wind vane, anemometer, and rain gauge. Then we moved onto the four seasons, highlighting key distinctions between each season as it relates to plants, animals, and humans.

In Reading and Writing, we jumped from fairy tales to brochures, which proved to be a challenging yet rewarding experience for the students. As a class, we had to think about how to write concisely and persuasively. Since brochures are sometimes distributed in high volumes to passersby who may or may not be interested, students needed to map out their pictures and text in a creative and attention-grabbing way.

Thanks for reading,

Teacher Arthur