Dear Parents,

As December comes to and end I would like to share some of the topics we covered this month. In Grammar, we finished looking into the different parts of a sentence. We are now able to recognize different parts in any given sentence such as Naming and Action Parts in sentences. We added to that by also learning a variety of nouns in their singular and plural forms.

In Science, we have been looking into survival and adaption in animals and plants. The students studied different environments and their own individual needs. Students learned that animals, plants, environment and human activity are all codependent on one another. When one suffers, it creates a domino effect in the ecosystem. We also looked at various endangered species such as the blue whale and krill. Students are made aware of how they can help the environment.

In Social Studies, we examined the Americas and the formation of colonies. We differentiated the biological needs and survival techniques of several Native American tribes and also famous explorers with their entertaining events and stories after landing on a foreign continent. Students were asked to map and explain the travels of explorers and colonists.

In Writing, we started a new writing project creating brochures. The students were given some sample brochures to study such as “Discover the great barrier reef” and “The Tesla Model S Sedan”. They learned how to create a brochure to sell an item or idea and the intricacies of marketing. They’ve created brochures marketing a vacation deal with features and facilities from their imagination.

For Research, the students have finally completed their debate. It was a blast. The topic was: Students from grade 1 to 6 should have free lunch at school. The class was separated into the proposition and the opposition team. They each got to argue their point of view and the debate was intriguing to say the least. Excellent work!


Teacher Kelly