Dear parents and students,

      As we approach the end of the year and the end of the decade it seems a good time to reflect on all that has passed. As we get to know one another more the students have all grown in confidence resulting in their English skills improving. Aside from learning English each student in Level 2A is a genuine pleasure to teach, with each having a unique personality and good values. These are shown in the support they give to one another, the collaborative efforts they make and the general good sense of humor and fun they all display on a daily basis.

      So, to the classes we undertook this month. Our first theme was bugs and how important to the world they are. We wrote a piece together about a snail travelling to England on a boat, which was really interesting. We spoke about pollination and metamorphosis too in our science classes.

      In another science class we spoke about fossils and paleontology with the students making their own fossils and dinosaur stamps. The fossils are still drying out but look great. We then finished the themes for the month by looking into Christmas and winter traditions. In these classes we roleplayed Christmas celebrations, made Christmas cards and wrote a piece together about the night before Christmas.

      All in all it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable and educational month with Level 2A. Good job guys.

Kind Regards and season’s greetings,

Tr. Richard