Dear Parents and Students,

        This month has been very eventful! We had the Christmas event as well as a number of birthdays. I’m very impressed with my students and how inquisitive they have become. It’s exciting to see their intellectual curiosity expand as they ask deeper more meaningful questions about history and science.

        In Science class we have been taking a deeper look into how energy and food flow around an ecosystem. We have also been looking at climate change and what we can do to help it. Next, we’ll be learning about the surface of the earth.

        In Research class we have continued learning about the business side of the music industry. We have been learning about how the music industry made money before and after the internet with the use of cleverly worded advertisements.

        We have wrapped up brochures in our reading and writing class and will begin doing Media Reviews. We’ll learn who writes them, who reads them, and why. This should be a very interesting segment because it’s necessary to squeeze a lot of meaning and detail into a short paragraph. It’s an exercise in efficiency.

        December has been a lovely month full of smiles and surprises. Despite some behavioral problems, I think the students are very comfortable and together we have created a very fertile environment for education.

All the best,

Tr. Alex