Dear parents and students,

        We’re at the end of another month- the last of the year and the decade!  How exciting!  It has been a joy working with 3A this year and I am happy to close it out on a strong and positive note with them.  I know the new year will bring us even more learning and fun!

        Our themes this month were bugs, winter and Christmas, dinosaurs, and Africa/Egypt.  We rounded out our living things units with bugs.  Students learned about the difference between nocturnal and diurnal bugs.  We learned about why we have seasonal changes that are winter specific.  Dinosaurs week was challenging and fun as we discovered facts about fossils and paleontologists.  Students were introduced to Egypt and learned about hieroglyphics, pharos, etc.

We completed role plays this month.  Students pretended to be poisonous and venomous bugs. We learned about lots of Christmas traditions and played out Christmas Eve and Christmas Day morning.  We also followed out dinosaur extinction in one role play.  Students pretended to be pharos and explained what they were known for through symbolism and hieroglyphics.

        Students have come a long way this month with writing. We are working on writing longer, more creative pieces that link ideas.

Thank you to those who came out to the Christmas event earlier this month!  It was a ton of fun and we raised money to help the animals in Taiwan!


Tr. Jessica