Dear Parents and Students,

As we fast approach the end of the year and the end of the decade it is time for celebration and also a time for reflection. Having gotten to know Level 5A over the last few months I must say how impressed I’ve been with their dedication, enthusiasm and their personalities in each class. Each student has applied themselves to the utmost degree and results are starting to show.

Now, to speak about the work we covered in the previous month. The spelling sections have covered long and short vowel sounds, homophones, words with J & S whilst the grammar lesson has continued with personal narratives, commands and questioning sentences. We have also worked quickly through the phonics book where we looked at complex consonant clusters and silent letters.

The science unit moved on to look at weather cycles and habitats in which we made our own woodland habitat, tested evaporation variables and spoke about the interconnectedness of nature. Social studies covered many aspects from wildlife preservation to the origins of the Silk Road. 

This has been another busy but reward month with Level 5A. Their work is improving from the beginning of term and their characters are really shining out.

Kind regards and best wishes for the holiday

Tr. Richard