Dear parents and students,

        December has come and gone.  It was nice to wrap up the year and the decade with Level 4A.   I can’t wait to start the new one with them!

        Students wrote brochures for their journal this week.  They decided to write about endangered animals since we were learning about them for the Christmas event.  We focused on formatting and learned about how bullet points can be useful.  The class even made their own logo for their brochures.  I was very proud that they chose this topic and worked so hard on them.  They turned out beautifully.

        We worked on pronouns this month in grammar.  They are very tricky and everybody worked hard.  We also learned about naming ourselves last when not using pronouns.

        In science, we spent some time learning about weather- types, causes and effects, and how to measure.  Students thought a lot about how to use this knowledge in their daily lives.  Very useful and applicable knowledge to be learned in science!

        This month in social studies, we learned a ton about technology and transportation.  We started out looking at how they have changed over time.  It was incredible to see how far we have come.  Then, we learned about the technological advances that have been made and their impact on our society.  Students thought long and hard about the choices we have to make when thinking about transportation and their affects.


Tr. Jessica