Dear Parents,


The students of Level 2A continue to improve in all aspects of their learning and I am very proud of their hard work and initiative. The class focused on the following themes this month: Reptiles and Birds, Ocean Animals, Habitats, and Farm Animals. Students are participating actively in our daily calendar, daily questions and weekly brainstorms. This participation is helping them to fully understand all concepts presented in class and helps them expand their conversation abilities.


During Reptiles and Birds week, the class focused on distinguishing between the defining characteristics of both. They learned the different body parts of the birds and reptiles, where they live and how they reproduce. Students completed a fun and interactive role play where they set up pretty plumage, read a rhyme about their attractive feathers and had other students lay eggs with them.


In the second week, Level 2A learned about the different names and characteristics of Ocean Animals. Students very much enjoyed this theme and were excited about a daily question in which they had to choose an ocean animal they would want to be. Students did two interactive role plays that week. The first was a fishing to market role play where students sat and fished for ocean animals together and gave each other words of encouragement. At the end of the week they set up a movie theater where they had to buy tickets and popcorn using their English and were able to watch a clip from Animal Planet of live ocean animals.


Next, the students learned about different habitats as environments where animals have adapted to live based on their characteristics and needs. The class focused on the different climates and characteristics of each habitat including plants and animals in each. During this week, the students learned about the different layers of the rainforest and worked together to create a diorama in a hands on Science class.


In the last week of April, Level two learned about Farm Animals. The brainstorm focused on the names of female, male and baby animals, what they each eat, what they live in and their needs. Students constructed what each animal lives in and presented them to the class in a role play while other students had to guess which animal lived in that environment.


The class continues to work hard in our phonics books and reading the Songbirds book ensuring that all students are practicing good phonics skills. I am very impressed with the improvements that they have made in their reading, speaking and writing and encourage them to keep up the good work!




Teacher Ashley