Dear Parents,


Level 5 continued working hard in the month of April in all subject classes and moving further along in language arts. Students worked hard on learning about the present perfect to be able to use it as a past tense in their journals. We continue to work on phonics quite closely in our phonics book and spelling & vocabulary lesson. I have been very impressed with the students’ abilities to read more different stories while using their phonics skills to sound out new words. They are also using new knowledge and more complex sentence structure while constructing well organized stories and texts.


The class finished the unit on Motions in the Sky in which they learned how the Earth moves, how the Moon moves and what stars and constellations we can see. The students created an interactive model of the phases on the moon by holding up a flashlight in the dark to a sphere and seeing how much of the sphere they could see at different places and made a model of how we see constellations. They also created a Moon phases chart which they can use to monitor the Moon daily. The class also began the unit on matter and began by using the different characteristics of matter to classify them.


In Social Studies, the students continued to create their own new country after colonization and revolution by creating transportation maps, communication towers and appropriate levels of government. They learned about how communications has changed in history and how it further connects people around the globe. Finally, students learned about different levels of government, why they need taxes and what services they provide people. Students also continue to learn about influential people of the 19th century and why they were important in history. They are also creating and practicing their year-end speeches.


Students continue to work hard and are improving in all levels and aspects of their English learning. The exposure to different subjects is giving them new vocabulary and ideas to work with in their daily conversations, and weekly spelling sentences and journals. Keep up the good work!






Teacher Ashley