Dear Parents,


Welcome to our ninth newsletter of the year! May is over and it is really warm up out there. So many of my students did such a wonderful job improving their spoken English. The weekly topics were Farm Plants, Insects, Earth and Recycle, and Solar Systems. We have continued our focus on conversing with full sentences with good pronunciation, and have also begun work on proper speaking rhythm. In addition we have continued to work on independence and fluency in our writing.

Our first weekly theme was farm plants and the children seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit. Because of the simple nature of the theme, it allowed most of the children to have some time to expand on some of the material we have covered in previous weeks.  They all did a great job covering all of the types of animals found on the farm, their parts, and all of the products that are made from them.  The students also showed great enthusiasm during our discussion about this week’s theme.

The second week in May focused around insects. That week we got a chance to expand our knowledge of bugs and animals in general while incorporating insects.  The children all did a great job of learning about the specific differences between insects and other bugs.  They also did a great job with learning all about their body parts, and life cycles.  Lastly, we all had a great time working to understand the way in which insects use camouflage during our science lesson.

During the third week of lessons we worked to understand components of our planet, and how recycling can help save it from pollution and contamination. The students all seemed to be very interested in learning all about our planet and the ways in which our daily lives can affect it and change it. They also seemed to do a great job of making lists and notes of what they can do at home to help during their journal lessons.

The final week of lessons was about the solar system. The students did an amazing job at recalling the material we have learned about space and planets from the previous week while we did our brainstorm.  They seemed to be very interested in this topic in particular, especially when comparing other planets and stars to our own.  They learned a lot during our science lesson when we studied the effects of shadows on from our planet on the moon, and how that affects what we see in the evening sky.

The writing samples included are from our work in our journal lessons. We usually use our journal exercises to expand upon the material we learn during the weekly introduction and make it personally relevant.  The topics covered in the samples were farm plants, and Earth and recycle.  During the first sample I had the students try to write a story about a character they made up who lived on a farm. In the second sample I had the students try to write all the ways that they can use the three R’s to help keep the environment clean. As with last week we have continued to focus more on stories as a class due to their ability to force students to think in a unified manner.  This month they seem to have improved greatly in this task that I have given them.



John Joseph Miller