Dear Parents,


Level 5A is working very hard in their final units of their subject books. They are reading various stories and books in their reading class and learning how to decipher the different parts and reading skills from different kinds of stories. Two week of the reading class was focused on reading a chapter book which they spent the first week reading the beginning and the second week reading the middle of the book in which they identified the climax of the story. Reading different types of stories is allowing them to become more creative in their journal writings which they are adding more details to. They are also becoming very good at adding vocabulary that they learn from their different subject classes.


In Science, the students spent the month learning about characteristics of matter and how sound is created and moves. The students learned how to describe matter based on whether it was a solid, liquid or gas and its physical properties. They used different objects in the classroom to describe their appearance while another person guessed what object it was based on the description. Students also learned that sound is made from vibrating air. The students made different instruments to understand how different sounds are made. Further, they conducted an experiment where they made sound travel through a piece of string to feel the vibration and listen to the difference in sound.


In Social Studies, the students continued to create their own country with a proper government and services. The students learned about rights and responsibilities and wrote ones that were appropriate for their country. Further, they made laws that their citizens have to follow and explained why. Lastly, the students learned what makes a good leader and then created their ideal leader based on the qualities we outlined together. Students continue to work hard on preparing their end of year performance by practicing their public speaking abilities. Keep up the good work!




Teacher Ashley