After a rocky couple of weeks transitioning into elementary school, the kids have done marvelously in their first month. It has been an exciting period with the introduction of new subjects and new ways of learning and I have had the pleasure of seeing the kids acclimatize to the new environment.


In Science class this month, our focus has been the study of plant life, their features and what they need to survive. We have explored some interesting scientific processes such as photosynthesis and begun to understand what a chemical reaction is. We have distinguished the different stages of a plants life cycle and how plants have adapted to spread their seeds in clever and interesting ways. Next month, we will be looking at animals!


Our focus in Social Studies has been based around the core principles of family, the classroom, rules and leadership. We have applied these ideas to our experiences in real life and begun to examine situations where we see these things in action. We have identified the traits of a good leader, discussed the purpose of rules and looked at what makes good rules effective. This has really cemented the learning environment which we all use and I can already see the children applying the principles we have learnt amongst themselves.


In Reading class, we have discussed space travel and biographies whilst understanding what makes a good reading session. I was happy to see the students developing fluency whilst being able to use expression in their reading. We were also able to understand ‘Main idea and details’ which allowed the children to begin to understand how stories and biographies were structured. Using the texts as inspiration, we took these concepts into our Writing class. One portion of our month was spent learning to expand our main ideas about space and including details. The next portion was focused on writing an effective biography that was informative and driven from the source. The two samples this month will show case both.


In general, it’s been a really exciting month. Every student has shown ample progression and I can’t wait to see how much they will improve now that they have adjusted to this new schedule. We will continue to polish grammar and spelling whilst driving the students to go beyond the curriculum when they are able. I am very pleased with our first month and look forward to the children’s continued success!