September 2016 – Level 2A


Hello Parents!


The first month of the school year has drawn to close. We have been studying a good variety of topics including our body, foods, health, family, home interior, friendship and feelings & emotions.


Week 1 was the shortest week that consisted of welcome lessons to warm the students into Alexander Academy. Week 2 is where we kicked off the start of the year with feelings & emotions, how we act and feel when certain things happen to us and how to acknowledge these emotions and feelings. Week 3 involved naming our different body parts and what we use them for, we also dived into the world of food by learning new food names and what foods are good and bad for us. During week 4 we have been learning about our family, how we are related to our family members and what we call them in a family tree. As well as this we have been learning about what rooms we have in a typical house and what their uses are.


To ensure a warm and comfortable start towards learning at Alexander Academy week 1 consisted of welcome activities to promote team work, establish rules and in general have a fun time studying! Week 2 kicked off the first full week of the semester, the main objective was for the students to be able to differentiate feelings and emotions and associate them with physical actions. I explained the difference between a feeling and an emotion, followed by teaching them new vocabulary such as; sick, thirsty, tired, angry and hungry. We then discussed how they happen and how we could cure/fix them if we wanted to. Students were able to role play different mannerisms of each emotion/ feeling; they could also identify each other’s role play.


During week 3 we were learning about our body, senses and health. Students learned about the tasks associated with each body part, for example eyes are used to help us see. We took part in a science experiment where the students were blindfolded and had to use their senses to figure out what the sound/ object was; this was a practical and fun way to practice the new vocabulary. Students learned about the idea of hygiene and what germs are. We took part in an activity demonstrating how we spread germs and how to prevent this from happening.


Week 4’s main goal was to understand the structure of a family tree and how our own family members can fit into these roles. Student designed their own personal family tree, using the correct vocabulary to label each family member. We also looked at what makes a house a home and what rooms, practical uses and utilities are located in a home. Students designed a bird’s eye view template of their home and labelled it using the new vocabulary. We then brainstormed what sentences we could use to take someone to look around our house.


It’s been a great first month at Alexander Academy, keep up the good work 2A!




Teacher Harry