September has started off as a great beginning to our upcoming year. Everyone has easily adjusted to classroom expectations and daily routines. 5A students have easily engaged and become active participants during lessons. There is no doubt that we are going to continue working hard and developing English skills as the year moves forward.


We began Science with living things, specifically “plants”. Each student looked at what plants need, plant parts, and ways to group plants. Students were also enthusiastic about getting to understand poisonous plants and their effects. One of our science experiments was based around “How Plants Meet Their Needs”. During this experiment we used celery and food coloring to observe how plants get nutrients. We also re-visited the scientific inquiry format and used it to plan our experiment. For Social Studies we studied people and places, with a focus on understanding how groups work and live together. We also looked at defining characteristics of an urban area and the importance of communities.


In Journal/Writing class, we looked at formatting compare and contrast essays. Each student brainstormed a compare and contrast between two animals. The students further continued using this method to begin writing their own compare and contrast between their family and a family from a story in Reading class. The writing sample in this month’s newsletter is based around this compare and contrast prompt.


In Grammar class, we have been reviewing how to write complete sentences and different types of sentences. We have looked at the difference between telling sentences and questions. In Reading class, we begun a story about a Latin-American family called “My Family.” We are using the story ‘My Family’ and the main character ‘Camila’ for our compare and contrast writing.


For research we have begun by looking at different research methodologies and ways of finding useful information. We have dialogued about our topic “Animals and Extinction” and brought in information about famous extinct animals to begin creating out research folder.


There is no doubt that 5A is well prepared to begin the year!