What an exciting month for class 4A! The students have experienced new ideas, a new schedule and higher expectations and they have adjusted remarkably. I am really pleased to see the students’ overall level of enthusiasm in my class and I hope we continue to become more enthralled by the subject matter.


In Science, our focus has been on plants and their life cycles. We have examined how plants reproduce, the process of photosynthesis as well as examining the importance of food chains. This has informed where our food comes from and the benefits of eating vegetables! We have also planted our own beans which are developing nicely in the classroom. Throughout the year we will track the progress and of these and apply our study of plant needs to our very own. Next month, we will begin to look at animals and have an opportunity to contrast different classifications whilst comparing them to plants.


In Social Studies, we looked at some important community concepts including leadership, rules, family, and the classroom. We identified the differences in each situation and placed ourselves in difficult scenarios where we have to create rules for an isolated society. The children were able to quickly analyze difficulties and situations where they had to share and be kind in order to live together. It was a great experience that allowed the kids to showcase their thinking ability whilst applying the principles they learnt in the previous few lessons.


Our reading has been really interesting in the past few weeks. We have explored some interesting literary concepts such as ‘Main Idea and Details’ as well as looking at different writing structures. Our study of the biography allowed the students to understand chronology and non-fictional writing. We used this concepts to fuel our writing ideas and each student was able to produce a creative writing piece about space harnessing the ‘Main Idea and Detail’ technique and a biographical piece about a fellow student. I have included one of each in our monthly examples.


Overall, I have really enjoyed teaching this month and understanding the capabilities of each student. I am looking forward to their continual improvement and look forward to seeing just how much they can learn each week. We will place a lot of emphasis, as a class, on improving vocabulary and removing small grammar mistakes so that when they obtain new knowledge they are able to utilize it well. For class 4A, the sky is the limit. Onward and upwards!