Hello Parents! Our first month in level 2A was a success! Everyone has done a great job at adjusting to our daily routine and expectations. September was important in getting to know each other and creating harmony in the classroom. We continue to review classroom rules and procedures, as well as proper indoor voice levels. One of our themes this month was “Manners, Friendships and Feelings”, which helped students explore how to treat their new classmates with respect. We also looked at “Health and Hygiene” and practiced how to wash dirty “glitter germs” off our hands for role-play.


In Science class this month, we integrated our various themes to our weekly activities. One fun example was exploring how each student is unique by comparing our fingerprints. Every student had the chance to use ink to print their fingerprints on paper. We then compared everyone’s prints and looked at how each single print was different from student to student. We were also able to create a family tree during our “Family/ Home & Rooms” Theme. Each student was able to practice describing their family and understanding how a family unit works.


In Phonics class we began to look at the letters T, I, O, and P. Each student practiced sounding out each letter and understanding the differences in pronunciation. Students also explored simple phonics vocabulary in order to start correlating how sounds come together to create words that are easy to read. We also practiced writing each letter out and working on establishing rules for neat penmanship.


For our Reading class, we continued looking at our weekly themes for insight. One of the most successful books we read was “Underwear”, which was used in correlation to “Clothing and Shoes”. Students enjoyed the funny story about three animals that loved to wear underwear and were able to practice using descriptive vocabulary terms.


Another exciting experience this month was our “House Hunting” role-play during our “Family/ Home & Rooms”. Students worked in pairs and became little architects! They worked together to design their own homes that they then had to sell to the public. We had a fun time voting for the best deal in terms of price and design. We also role-played “Going to the Hairdresser” and each student got the chance to either be a hairstylist, cashier, or a customer at a hair salon. We were able to practice polite phrases such as “Thank You”, “May I…”, and “Please…”


This was a busy month of introductions, establishing new routines and rules, and getting to know new friends! 2A has done a wonderful job at preparing themselves to be engaged and active students during their English class. We have started off on a strong foot and will no doubt continue to progress strongly in the coming months. Great job 2A!