September 2016 – Level 3A


Dear Parents,


In L3A, our first month of school was filled with new challenges and the students have been adapting very nicely to their new class! As we were busy with our Major Assessments, while also enjoying some holiday time with our family, we have been working very hard in class to complete all of our work and learn about different themes.


During our first week, the students were welcomed to school and they reviewed all the rules and expectations of our school. They did an excellent job explaining why we should behave a certain way and treat people nicely at school. As it was only a 2-day week, we mostly focused on the students’ wellbeing in the classroom; insuring everyone feels comfortable and safe in our learning environment.


During our second week, we studied Manners, Friendship, Feelings and Emotions. As we spent 6 days at school during that week, we got a chance to thoroughly study how to make friends and how to solve feeling and emotion problems. During our weekly Role-Play, students helped one another find solutions to pretend feelings problems. Already, students have showed their ability to communicate in fuller sentences and engage in different discussions.


Our third week was relatively short, due to the Mid-Autumn celebration. In class, we focused on our Major Assessments and students took this quite challenging test for the first time this year. All students did well considering that the first try is always difficult. I have appreciated the students’ effort and their willingness to try.


During the fourth week of the month, we studied Family, Home and Rooms. Studied were able to recall a lot of the vocabulary learned in L2A and they did an excellent job creating their family trees in Science class. Attached to this month’s Newsletter, you will also find examples of the Journal students wrote about their homes. Independent writing is a new skill for the students and they are slowly becoming more comfortable.


Finally, the last week of the month was dedicated to the study of Clothing and Shoes. Due to the typhoon, we missed 2 days that week but that didn’t keep us from doing our Sight Words and Role-Play! During their role-play, students created their own clothing lines and enjoyed sharing it with their classmates.


It was a great beginning to our school year and I am looking forward to teaching L3A some more!




Teacher Mary