September 2016 – Level 4


Dear Parents,


September has been a busy month for Level 4! I’ve enjoyed getting to know the students and discovering the unique strengths each child has to offer. As the beginning of the school year, it has been a transitional time but the students have settled into our classroom routine nicely.



In Science we have begun with the study of plants, specifically plant parts. We’ve learned what it means to classify, and have discovered how to classify plants according to roots, size, flowers, and leaf size, shape, and color. We’ve discussed the life cycle of a plant, stemming from a seed in the ground to its final stages of germination. We’ve compared the life cycle of a tree lasting for several years to the life cycle of some plants, such as the dandelion, which may only last a few months.


Social Studies

We’ve been discussing different aspects of family and communities in Social Studies. Our focus has been on how families help each other at home and also out in the community. We’ve learned what it means to be a leader and why they are necessary for groups, as well as why we need rules to function safely and get along both at school, out in the community, and at home. All students agree that Mom and Dad are the leaders at home!


Reading and Writing

In Reading we have taken A Trip to the Moon! Students were beyond excited to inform Teacher Carly of what they already know about Space, including Pluto, the forgotten planet. We used details from the story such as moon rocks, craters, spacesuits, and zero gravity to practice our reading skill of Main Idea and Details. Students are currently sharpening their writing skills by putting this skill into practice with their journal assignments.



Finally, we’ve begun our research project for this year, Animals in Different Countries. Students have put their classifying skills to use as we’ve begun with brainstorming possible ways to categorize our many different animals. Students are very excited to get into the heart of our research and begin learning new facts about their favorite animals.


We’ve started off the semester on a very positive note, with students adjusting to rules and expectations with ease. Now that we’ve gotten acclimated to our schedule I’m eager to see what the rest of the year will bring our way.




Teacher Carly