September 2016 – Level 4A


Dear Parents,


September has been a busy month for Level 4A! I’ve enjoyed getting to know the students and I was very impressed by their great potential and willingness to try in class. The transition is important between L3A and L4A and the students have had to adjust to many changes this month. As we mark the end of our first month together, I am very happy with how the students are doing in class and looking forward to seeing them develop this year!



In Science we have spent the month studying our First Chapter about plants. Through the first 3 lessons, we have learned about plant parts, plant classification and life cycles. Learning about the parts of the plant and their functions helped the students understand the growth of the plant. It also helped them sort plants according to different criteria based on the plant parts. Finally, students studied and compared the life cycle of plants and trees. During their Chapter Review, students showed a great understanding of the concepts studied this month.


Social Studies

In Social Studies, we have discussed the most important people in our lives, our family members! We brainstormed ways we can help at home and students were able to expand their brainstorm to ways we can help in the classroom at school. From there, we studied the importance of leaders and rules. Students agreed that rules are important in our community and that leaders must set the rules in order for everyone to be safe.


Reading and Writing

In Reading we have taken A Trip to the Moon! Students were excited by the topic and they had a lot to share about space. Our reading skill this week focused on Main Idea and Details. We used details from the story such as moon rocks, craters, spacesuits, and zero gravity to practice writing about our very own trip to the Moon. Students are currently sharpening their writing skills by putting this skill into practice with their journal assignments. You can find some examples attached to this month’s newsletter.



In research class, students were introduced to our research topic; The World! Students were given the opportunity to inquire about the world and the countries they wish to study the most. We are very excited to begin the study of the continents and oceans next month!


It was a very good start to a year I believe will be memorable! Keep up the good work, L4A!




Teacher Mary