September 2016 – Level 5


Dear Parents,



The first month was full of interesting themes in Level 5! In spelling class, we have been discussing different word sounds and creating definitions for new vocabulary as a group. In grammar, we have been looking at different sentence structures and what their uses are. Students have learned about the characteristics and practical uses of naming, perfect and telling sentences.

In Science class we have been exploring plants. We looked at the different parts of plants and how they are used, students created their own plant focusing on how it can adapt to its environment. We discussed the term ‘grouping’ and how we could do this with plants. The students also learned about the life cycle of a plant and how each step of the cycle has a meaning.


Social studies has been very interesting this month. We have studied different groups we could be part of and the different roles associated in the group, students produced a diagram explaining their personal groups and the roles that each member takes part in. We have learned about what a community and neighborhood are and the characteristics/ differences between them.


We read “Henry and Mudge” and “My Family” in reading class. We also practiced gathering inferences about the story by looking at the front of the book. During journal the students wrote about the effect of a given cause (leaving their school bag on the bus). We also practiced comparative writing about our family and how it might be different to others.


We began looking into our research topic for the year, transportation. We brainstormed the different types of transport and the pros, cons and traits associated with them.


Students have been producing a good standard of homework and have been making great progress with their reading passport. Keep up the good work Level 5!




Teacher Harry