September 2016 – Level 6

Dear Parents,


September has been a great month for Level 6! The students have impressed me with their reading skills and have already shown initiative in learning new vocabulary and concepts in Science and Social Studies. We’re learning how to take and review notes from our reading and brainstorm discussions. We’ve also begun to reiterate what we’ve read into our own words, which greatly encourages critical thinking and comprehension.



In Science we’ve been studying the parts of plants, how to classify by these parts, and how they help the various types of plants survive. We’ve reviewed old vocabulary words such as nutrient, root, and stem, and have brainstormed new words such as netted and parallel veins, environment, and reproduce. We’ve uncovered many different types of roots and root support systems. We’ve learned the many ways seeds may germinate themselves, or reproduce, and how this fits into the plant’s life cycle.


Social Studies

We’ve been discussing what it means to be part of a community in Social Studies. We’ve examined the different types of communities, such as urban areas, suburbs, and rural areas, and what makes each community unique. We’ve determined what it means to be a citizen, and why rules and laws are important for us all to get along and remain safe and secure. The main idea, we’ve concluded, is that communities come in all shapes and sizes, with each its own advantages and weaknesses, which is why me must learn to coexist together peacefully.



Students enjoyed our first reading story “A Fine, Fine School” which showcased an overly enthusiastic principal who wanted his students in class seven days a week! Level 6 did a great job utilizing our reading skill by examining the story for characters, plot, and setting. Students were highly intrigued by our second reading story “The Trial of Cardigan Jones”, which highlights the inner workings of a real-life courthouse trial procedure.



Students have transferred and expanded upon our reading skills in their journal assignments. We started off with sharing our experiences during the summer vacation. In this assignment students applied our target skill of story structure: characters, plot, and setting. We’ve currently begun utilizing our next target skill, drawing conclusions from details.


I’m appreciative of Level 6 for the amount of effort and participation they’ve displayed in the first month. Students have shown promising results with their writing and reading thus far and I’m certain we will continue to progress in the following months.



Teacher Carly