Hello! October was our second month working hard to continue to establish our classroom rules and procedures. Students in 2A have gotten into a routine and know what is expected from them. Some of our themes this month included “Community” and “Fall and Halloween”. Students had an amazing time with our “Fall and Halloween theme, especially with our school Halloween event. As you know, each student had a fun time singing Halloween songs and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Everyone looked fabulous with their cute and ‘scary’ costumes.


This month in Science class we reviewed how certain foods we find at our community supermarkets/convenience stores are unhealthy and healthy. Students used this brainstorm information, to make their own healthy or un healthy food plate! Each student had to look through a supermarket catalog and find the correct foods for their plate. Another wonderful experiment the children enjoyed, was “Color Mixing”. Each student got the chance to see how colors are made by mixing basic colors together. They then had the chance to make their own colors, one student even naming their color “banana milk”.


For Phonics we began working on blending some of the letters we have explored, such as L, I, and T. Students had the chance to sound out each phonetic sound, and see how each letter works together to make a word. 2A was quite successful at comprehending how our introductory Phonic letters make certain sounds. We also began our speed reading activities. Each student had a chance to try out their reading and pronunciation skills.


For Reading class, we read a book dealing with “Hurricanes” during our Weather themed week. Students were amazed at how much destruction a hurricane can cause, as well as baffled by the way scientists explore weather phenomena. Another themed-reading was our silly Halloween story. Each student was able to review our Halloween vocabulary, as our story had many silly monster characters.


Our Theme Role-Plays this month were also a fun success. For our Weather theme, we were able to perform as TV meteorologists. Each student gave a weather report to their audience and was able to practice using our weather vocabulary. Another fun role-play this month dealt with out “Community” theme. Each student participated in a ‘community council’ and the class worked together to fix a local park that was in bad shape.


All in all October was a fun filled month, full of scholastic activities that are creating a strong English foundation for the students. We are definitely progressing and I cannot wait to see how much the students grow and expand in the upcoming months!