October has been an exciting month here at Alexander Academy!  They have been enjoying learning various themes all month.  This month we covered forms of transportation, our community, and weather. Not only did we cover some fun themes but we all had a great time preparing for Halloween.  On Halloween day everyone had an entertaining time showing off their costumes and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.


One theme we covered was transportation in the city if Taipei.  We had a fun time being MRT officers helping lost passengers find their way around the subway.  We practiced using our manners in public.  We also discussed the community in which we each live.  We learned how to identify the different types of stores around us and what the can provide us.  We learned which places provide a public service, such as fire station, police station, and doctor’s office.


Another theme we talked about was weather.  This was a particularly fun theme to learn.  They all had a great time pretending to weather reporters. We looked at satellite images of a typhoon approaching Taiwan.  After reporting on the wind speed by reading the anemometer, reporting the temperature by reading the thermometer, and lastly reporting the humidity by reading the psychrometer.  We also observed the formation of a typhoon inside a bottle.  Then we learned about air pressure and how it can push things like a balloon through the air and water back up a straw. S


The last theme we covered was fall and Halloween.  We all had a great time talking about what we liked to do during fall.  We learned about another culture’s way of recognizing the dead and spirits.  It is called Dia de los Muertos.  It means Day of the Dead and it is celebrated in Mexico.  One of the activities is to make a sugar skull to remember those who have died and offer it as a treat to the spirits when they come to visit on that day.  The writings this month share what are some of their favorite holidays.  All the students did a great practicing and singing their Halloween songs.  They stayed in their lines and show beautifully when it was show time.


We have continued to work on our phonics and sight words.  This month we’ve delved into the two /th/ sounds, which can sometimes be difficult when students are first learning them.  They are working hard, though, and given more time and practice I am confident they can master these important sounds.  In sight words class they continue to learn several important commonly used words in the English language.  They have great time speed reading and pronounce the words wonderfully. I look forward to continuing the school year with them.